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European Social Fund

Essence and aims:
ESF aims to improve employment and job opportunities in the European Union. ESF’s measures are named ,,soft’ ‘, because they are designed primarily for investments in human resources. It is operated within the framework of the “Convergence” and “Regional competitiveness and employment”.
Financing from ESF:
ESF assists state action in the following areas:
• adaptability of workers and enterprises: systems for lifelong learning, creating and spreading innovative working organizations;
• access to employment for job seekers, inactive women and migrants;
• social integration of disadvantaged people and combating discrimination in the labor market;
• strengthening human capital by reforming education systems and a network of schools.
Changes for the next programming period:
For next programming period there will be changes in funding conditional from ESF. One of these changes is related with requirement that 20 percent of the funds have to be directed for social integration. Also there must be programs for employment for young.

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