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OP ,,Competitiveness of Bulgarian economy”

OP ,,Competitiveness of Bulgarian Economy” is one of the seven programs which are financed by Structural Funds of EU. Program is financed by ERDF and National Budget. The total amount of public funding for the program is around EUR 1.1 billion. OP contains strategic priorities and guidelines for the development of the Bulgarian economy. It is addresses the key issues and barriers to economic development and provides measures and activities to help overcome them and successfully challenges the common market and development the strengths of the economy. The overall objective of the OP “Competitiveness” is the development of dynamic, competitive at the world market.

To achieve this goal are encouraged knowledge economy and innovation, the development of competitive enterprises, increasing investment and exports and the creation of a favorable business environment.
• Support for the creation and commercialization of innovations in enterprises and protection of industrial property
OP is supporting companies carrying out R & D activities, including feasibility studies and industrial development, on the other hand, integrated support (consulting, investment, training of personnel) needed to introduce product and process innovations in the production or management practices. Businesses are receiving support to hire researchers and other R & D professionals to perform their own research projects. The goal is to increase employment of researchers and highly qualified technicians. Funding is directed to different types of organizations to support businesses that offer professional consulting services to innovative start-ups and existing innovative companies. Support is providing for the establishment and / or expansion of technology transfer centers, technology incubators, technology platforms, technology parks etc. In technology transfer offices and technology incubators, financial support covers the costs of projects related to the creation of such institutions, institution building in existing ones, development and delivery of new business services and networking of institutions and similar organizations business support and innovative enterprises. In the implementation of the Technology Park will be funded preparatory activities for the establishment of parks (development of feasibility studies, technical documentation, engineering plans.
• Bulgarian enterprises with potential for development and commercialization of innovation – both start-ups and existing businesses;
• Public or private organizations create and manage technology transfer offices, technology incubators, technology parks, etc.
Eligible activities for 2013 are:
• Purchase of machinery and equipment
• Renovation and / or rehabilitation of buildings and premises
• ISO certification and / or introduction of CE marking
• Introduction of energy saving technologies
• Innovation (eg investment support for the introduction of innovative product or process, etc.). Introduction of renewable energy sources
Open grants for 2013 are:
BG161PO003-2.4.02 “Support for cluster development in Bulgaria”
BG161PO003-1.2.04 “Development of applied research in research organizations in Bulgaria”
BG161PO003-2.3.02 “Energy efficiency and green economy”

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