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OP ,,Human Resource Development’’

Operative Program “Human Resources Development” is a strategic program, which is a framework for utilization of funds, co-financed by the European Social Fund of the European Union and the national budget for the programming period 2007 – 2013, and covers the entire country under the ,,Convergence “.It is part of the National Strategic Reference Framework, one of the main objectives is “human capital development to ensure higher employment, income and social integration”. The strategic objective of the program is to improve the quality of life in Bulgaria through improving human capital, achieving high levels of employment, increased productivity, access to quality education and lifelong learning and to promote social inclusion. For 2013 as the last year of the current period remaining funds are in amount of 439 676 610 BGN.
Specific aims:
In the implementation of the Operative Program “Human Resources Development” will be prosecuted to the following specific aims:
• Increasing labor supply and the quality of the workforce;
• Increased investment in human capital through better and more accessible education
• More social capital, networks and partnerships and the development of social economy.
To achieve the aims provides operational program is focused on the implementation of the following priority areas:
• Priority 1: Promotion of economic activity and development of the labor market, inclusive;
• Priority 2: Improving the productivity and adaptability of employees;
• Priority 3: Improving the quality of education and training according to the needs of the labor market to build an economy based on knowledge;
• Priority 4: Improving access to education and training;
• Priority 5: Social inclusion and promotion of the social economy;
• Priority 6: Increase the effectiveness of the institutions of the labor market, social and health services;
• Priority 7: Transnational and interregional cooperation;
• Priority 8: Technical assistance.
On the eighth regular meeting(2011) of the Monitoring Committee of the Operative Program “Human Resources Development 2007-2013” were approved two new operations proposed by the Ministry of Education and Science in the amount of 17 million BGN. They have to be implemented in the period 2011 – in 2014 under Priority 4, which focuses on “Improving access to education and training.” 7 million BGN are provided under the “Reintegration of dropouts in the educational system.” The aim of the operation is already reintegration school drop-outs and students prevent re dropping. 10 million BGN are provided under the “Inclusive Education”. The goal of operation is to provide a supportive environment for equal access to education and open educational system to bring about inclusive education. The operation will be implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science of the procedure directly providing grants.
Eligible activity for 2013 is:
• Improving skills of workforce. Sample activities could be retraining and further training for employees, ICT training, language training.
• Providing temporary employment.
• Social services. Sample activities could be supporting institutions for people with disabilities improving the capacity of institutions providing health and social services,
• School programs.

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