Bulgaria – an ideal business environment

OP ,,Transport’’

Operative Program “Transport” 2007-2013 (OPT) is one of the seven operational programs in Bulgaria, financed by the EU Structural and Cohesion Funds. OPT with the largest budget in Bulgaria – 2,003,481 163.68 Euro. For 2013 as the last year of the current period remaining funds are in amount of 722 500 485 BGN.
The purpose of OPT development of railway, road and waterway infrastructure and promote development of combined transport in accordance with the transport policy of the European Union and the requirements for development of the trans-European transport network to achieve sustainability of the Bulgarian transport system. Specific in the OPT preliminary determination of the direct beneficiaries of projects and advanced prioritization indicative list of infrastructure projects envisaged for financing the program. OP focuses on several strategic priorities that contribute to the integration of the national transport network in the EU. Their achievement is a major contribution to sustainable and balanced economic growth of the country in the medium and long term.

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