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Co-funding for next programming period 2014-2020

Co-funding for Bulgaria for next programming period 2014-2020 from European Structural Funds and new Programs
Bulgaria will be able to use 16.5 billion BGN for next programming period 2014-2020. These are just a European grant funds without national co-financing. A large part of the funds will be invested in such SMEs to innovate. For Bulgaria for the next programming period that funding will be less than 4 billion BGN. It is expected that 30% of the EU financial framework for the period 2014-2020 for Cohesion Fund. This means investment in heavy infrastructure – roads, railways and water sectors. It is expected that 25 percent of the budgetary framework will be from European Social Fund, and the remainder will be from the European Regional Development Fund. Expectations for amount of funds from OPT to be around 5-5,5 billion BGN. There is change in the number of OP. For the period of 2014-2020 they will be 6 – OPAC and OPTA will be united. General position in Bulgaria has four major focus. The first is a request for input CSF 5 European founds – Cohesion and Structural Funds 4:European Social Fund, European Regional Development Fund, European Fund for Rural Development and the European Fund for Fisheries and Aquaculture. The purpose of this change is greater synchronization and simplified procedures for absorption, and strengthening inter-sectoral integration. The second focus is the introduction of the pre-conditions for the appropriateness of the use of funds and matching national and European policies. The third focus is on the application of spatial dimension by coordinating funding sources, an integrated approach to regional and local development, and identification of regions with geography – urban, rural, coastal, mountainous. And fourth focus is on enhanced European Territorial Cooperation applying the widest range of tools – macro-regional strategies and sea basin European groups territorial cooperation.
In the new programming period – from 2014 to 2020, the country may receive EU funding in the form of 15.2 billion euro. This is the concrete result of the negotiations for Bulgaria for the new EU budget between the leaders of the 27 EU countries and the leaders of the community. Our country will receive about 7 billion in Structural funds and Cohesion funds, compared to 6.85 billion under the current budget. The budget for the CAP, Bulgaria is expected to receive direct payments to farmers and rural development around 7.5 billion in existing 5.8 billion. In real terms, direct payments per hectare in the country will continue to grow by providing € 184 by 2014 they will reach 228 euro in 2020. European funding is provided 260 million euro for the safe decommissioning of four reactors stopped in NPP “Kozloduy”. 75 million country will get to tackle youth unemployment. To enter into force the budget agreed by the 27 leaders of the member states, it should be ratified by the European Parliament.


New Programs for next programming period
For the next planning period is intended to be created and Program,,Science and education”. It is envisaged that the program be financing from two funds. The funds will come from the European Social Fund, funded previously educational and social projects under the Operative Program “Human Resources Development”, and the European Regional Development Fund, which provides funds to research infrastructure Bulgaria is not as useful in this programming period. Concept meets the strong support of academics and scientific community because they are involved in the process of its development from the outset, when it became clear that Bulgaria will have to prove that there is a need for such a program.
Program “Good Governance” is the latest program added to the list for the next programming period 2014-2020. It will be chaired by the Minister of management of EU funds, the government decided at its meeting today.
Aims and priorities of the new OP are the modernization of management and improve the efficiency of administration, quality assurance and independent judiciary, and ensure efficiency and sustainability of the management of EU funds.

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