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Corporate Finance


MEN Investment Group JSC provides consulting and advisory services for securing financing of debt, equity, alternative or a combination of the above.

We can assist in providing, identifying, arranging and executing primarily debt financing, given its extensive relationships with financial institutions and the in-depth experience of its staff in arranging transactions. The key concept is to accurately identify the needs and being able to explain it to banks for delivering the correct results.

We handle the entire process from screening, selecting and securing the facility that best serves client’s corporate business needs. We can also advise regarding raising equity financing for the growth of the business.

Beyond the services related to the daily running of the client’s business, MEN Investment Group JSC provides also services for the financing of a specific project. Specifically, for project financing, besides relationships with global banking institutions that are familiar to such transactions, we have established relationships with several private equity funds that specialize in multi million Euro projects.

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